Hoxton Mill 104mm

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Made from high grade beech wood and at only 104mm/4inches tall, the Hoxton mill provides a compact seasoning solution that embodies the quality, heritage, and style of the Cole & Mason brand, and is very well suited to smaller kitchens or to have out on the dining table.

  • Made from high grade beech wood with gold-tone knobs
  • The mills come unfilled and the sets are presented in premium gift boxes
  • Clean with a microfibre cloth to keep them looking at their best
  • Available in a variety of different colour combinations

The grinding mechanisms (sharp anti-corrosion ceramic for salt, design registered Precision+ carbon steel for pepper) are supported by a lifetime guarantee. This allows you to season with confidence, knowing you will achieve a high-quality output and consistent milling time after time.

technical specifications

Made from beech wood, stained with either a darker tone (Chocolate Wood) or plainer clear finish (Light Beech), black or white matte.

Measures 104mm tall

Adjust the grind using the intricate engine-turned crown engraved with Cole & Mason branding.


Made from high grade beech wood, the new Hoxton mill honours both our heritage and looks to the future with a classic, yet contemporary aesthetic.

Its timeless design will prove a stylish addition to both traditional and modern kitchens. The shape of the mill has been inspired by the beautiful Art Deco and industrial British architecture that can be found throughout the city of London, the birthplace of Cole & Mason.

Covered by a lifetime guarantee, pepper mills are fitted with the Cole & Mason design registered Precision+ carbon steel mechanism, salt mills are fitted with an ultra-sharp, anti-corrosion ceramic mechanism.


great for all year round

stained wood

Our light stained beech or chocolate wood is ade from smooth, solid beech wood. These robust mills are a classic touch to any dining setting.

They are finished with a clear glaze to create a slight sheen, and topped with a gold crown for a luxurious and traditional touch.


black & White matt

The Hoxton is also available in black and white matt, a flat colourway which is easily wiped clean with a microfibre cloth. They are finished with chrome knobs.

exceptionally engineered

Featuring the Cole & Mason Precision mechanisms; carbon steel for pepper that strips peppercorns instead of crushing them, and diamond-sharp ceramic for salt, ensures maximum flavour release at every turn.

The hardwearing qualities of the mechanisms are supported by their lifetime guarantee meaning you can be assured of consistently outstanding performance for years to come.

Easily adjust the grind from fine to coarse by loosening the knob at the top. Select a fine grind for a big punch in sauces or soups or effortlesly switch to a more coarse grind for a more subtle but longer lasting taste, great for salads or steaks.


easy to refill

When you do need to refill, simply unscrew the knob on the top and remove along with the gloss top.

See our practical refill funnel here.


In the unlikely event that the mill mechanism fails, our customer service team is ready to help.


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